Pilates Reformer Personal Training


Pilates can transform your body’s performance and look by building strength, creating a long, lean body, and improving flexibility, agility, stability, and posture. No matter your abilities or personal goals, those interested in enhancing their personal fitness can enjoy what Pilates has to offer. Our team of personal trainers will work with you to develop a program that works best for you.

Pilates Personal Trainers
Our trainers have years of experience with the Pilates method and are all certified Reformer trainers.  Pilates personal training is located in a small room within Group Fitness Studio A. This private room will allow your trainer to work with you quietly and independently.

Reformer for Injury Rehabilitation and Elite Athletes
For those suffering from injury, the reformer is recommended by physical therapists and sports physicians as a safe and effective machine for rehabilitation. No matter what kind of athlete you are, you can improve performance and minimize your risk of injury with reformer training. 

Policies and Attire
Exercise attire includes socks and comfortable, tight-fitting athletic wear. No loose clothing is allowed due to the risk of injury with the equipment. A 24-hour cancellation is required if you cannot make your appointment. If you do not notify your trainer prior to your appointment, the session will be forfeited.

Pilates Reformer Training Rates

$65 per one-hour session
$60 per one-hour session when purchasing 3 or more
$40 per one half-hour session

As a courtesy we offer a complimentary half-hour session for all new clients.  Please call 904-730-2100 ext. 324 for more information.