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The JCA has three racquetball courts for use during normal building hours.  Court reservations should be made at least 48 hours in advance.  


Challenge Court Times

Tuesdays 6 - 9 pm at Court 1

Thursdays 6 - 9 pm at Courts 1 and 2

Sundays 9 am - 12 pm at Courts 1 and 2


Challenge Court Rules & Policies

Players must be 18+ years old.  

If you or a partner have reserved Court 3 during Challenge Court hours, please refrain from participating in challenge court play, giving others the chance to play. 

Each player or pair of players must sign up for the next available challenge match.

 - If you have a partner, you must sign their name in as well.

 - When it is your turn to play, please cross out your name(s) so people registered below know who is eligible for the next challenge match.

 - Once you and your partner exit the court, you must sign in on the next available slot to enter the next rotation of matches.

Winners of a challenge match may play a second match, but must leave the court, win or lose, after their second consecutive match.  Once you leave the court please register you and your partner for the next available match based on the current rotation on the sign-in sheet.  

If you are not present at the end of a match, you will foreit your place in line.

Proper court attire, i.e. no black marking shoes, goggles at all times and racquet tethered, is required.  Proper court conduct is expected at all times.